The Snug | OD’s – The Quay – Bantry – Co. Cork

E75 YD45 | Ireland | +353 (0)27 50057

Three Galliano coffees for the gang

Imagine how we’d have felt if we were real visitors. We’d have been so totally charmed and bowled over at finding ourselves in a living, breathing example of that world beacon of hospitality. A genuine Irish pub.
….What can we say? Heartwarming, delicious and delightful.John and Sally McKennas' Guides

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The top chefs share their favourite places to enjoy a much loved Sunday roast

The Snug Bantry, 8th Best Restaurant for Sunday Roast

Trish Deseine, food writer, recommends:

8.The Snug, Bantry

A typical Irish pub, The Snug in Bantry is Irish food writer Trish Deseine’s favourite spot for Sunday lunch “or simply when it’s mashed potato weather. There’s nothing trendy about it, it’s a truly typical, cosy Irish pub clad in dark wood. But the roast lamb, beef or chicken – depending on what the chef has decided – with proper mash (three scoops), plentiful gravy and fresh. steamed root vegetables is always excellent and the welcome warm. “Lunch” is served from 12 to 9pm so whether you’re skipping breakfast after a late night, or eating late after a long hike, you can fit your day around it.”Extract from article by Xanthe Clay, The Sunday Telegraph, 8 January 2016